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Dry Dog food

Discover our tasty range of dog food online. Shop a selection of products to nourish dogs at every life stage, from hypoallergenic dog food to the best dry dog food brands. Looking for something to whet their appetite? We have a variety of delicious wet dog food flavours they’ll love, as well as diet options to help your pet stay in shape. We have all the quality brands too - Royal Canin for breed-specific products, Lily’s Kitchen for natural, sustainable dog food and puppy food to support growth.

Dry Cat Food

In our range of nutritious cat food, you’ll find something to suit every cat and kitten. From delicious dry kibble to wet food in a range of flavours: chicken, salmon, duck, turkey and more. We also sell food tailored to your cat’s specific needs: from hypoallergenic to condition-based. And as for brands? We stock all your favourite ones (Royal Canin, Hill’s, Purina Pro Plan and James Wellbeloved) together with the smaller, independent brands we cat parents love.

Food For ........

We stock a great variety of pet food for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and fish.

Wet Food products

We stock a large variety of wet food products which include raw minces, cooked meatloaves and cooked rolls. All of these products are entirely free of preservatives, fillers and grains. They are also all sourced from human consumption suppliers and we transport everything in a refrigerated vehicle.

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My two parrots love this mix, especially as my African Grey would live on sunflower seeds if he had his way & my little Jardine loves the maize/sweetcorn. The mix is clean,not dusty & has lovely plump seeds. Good value too.
Yvonne T.
My dog has a sensitive tummy but he was fine with this food, he always finishes his bowl too which is definitely a good sign! I like that the food is hypoallergenic and has good ingredients.
gael l
I have a small and a large dog. I’ve previously been feeding them both the original Canine a choice-salmon. They both love this and even enjoy it as treats! So I was wary of trying them on something different but I needn’t have worried.
Theo T
My labrador is super fussy and loved this food. He has a sensitive stomach but this food worked wonders for him. He wolfed it down like a true labrador
elsa m
We have a very food oriented chocolate lab who has recently been diagnosed with an intolerance to beef, lamb and rabbit. We tried this turkey recipe and Theo dug straight in! Every bowl was licked clean and he really enjoyed it!
sofia m
Our cat Florence was hyperthyroid, which was masking the early kidney problem. The vet recommended Royal Canin Renal and she took to it straight away. Even one of our other cats tries to lick the saucer!!
mickael f

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