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Ezy Dog Car Seatbelt Attachment, One Size

Size: Fits onto any harness via clip attachment

Ezy Dog have developed this dog seatbelt attachment to safely travel with your dog. It’s important to restrain your pet whilst in the car for the following reasons:

  • To minimise driver distraction
  • To keep your pet from injuring himself
  • To prevent him from becoming a projectile during a car crash.

The seatbelt restraint is designed to be used with the Ezy Dog range of harnesses. It clips onto the D-ring of the harness and then you thread the car’s seatbelt through the loop of the attachment. This then allows your dog to comfortably sit on the car seat whilst still remaining safe.

Caution: The Ezy Dog seatbelt attachment is to be used as a restraint. It is not guaranteed to prevent injury to passengers or dog. Please ensure you check regularly for signs of damage.




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